Texas Instruments calculators:

the quadratic equation and other chemistry programs on the web

During the course of the semester you will find it necessary to solve the quadratic equation on a regular basis. During our rather extended study of equilibrium you will be solving the quadratic equation on a daily basis in class, as well as on quizzes and exams. It is my understanding that newer TI calculators (TI-88, TI89) have a "Solve" function which permit direct input of second degree polynomials. If you own an older TI calculator it is not necessary to buy a new one. If your TI calculator is programmable you can use a routine found at one of the following pages to save you from the tedium of solving the quadratic equation "by hand." If you've never programmed your calculator before it's not too hard, and if you ask me nicely we'll find someone to help you.

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